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KAO Bathroom Foaming Cleaning Spray (400ml) 花王 浴室衛生間 黴菌水漬水垢清除噴霧

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KAO Bathroom Foaming Cleaning Spray (400ml) 花王 浴室衛生間 黴菌水漬水垢清除噴霧


[Product Details of Strong Mold Higher Bath Mold Remover Spray]
● Mold on the vertical surface, which has been difficult to remove until now, is firmly eradicated by the bubbles!
● With a new adhesion component, the foam stays on the mold on the vertical surface and works.
● Removes mold on vertical surfaces such as walls, rubber packing on the underside of shelves, shower hoses, and other places where bubbles are difficult to remove.
● A gentle scent that does not make you tsundere.
● It is a new trigger that is light and easy to use.


[How to use] 

(1) Align the "out" at the tip of the nozzle with the ▲ mark. (At this time, do not point it at the face)
(2) Spray on mold stains at a distance of about 10 cm. (Never spray above the eyes. When using above the eyes such as the ceiling, apply the liquid to a rag etc.)
(3) After leaving it for about 5 minutes, wash it thoroughly with water.
* It is effective to leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes for persistent stains.
(4) After use, align the "stop" at the tip of the nozzle with the ▲ mark. Be sure to wash your hands after work.

★ Estimated amount of use: Spray about 10 times per square meter

★ Unusable items
・ Brushes of animal hair ・ Brushes
・ Wood products
・ Metal products such as enamel, aluminum
and brass (causing rust)
・ Stucco walls, cloth walls, Decorative steel plate wall of some unit baths (steel plate with magnets)
, rubber parts such as bathtub plugs


・ Do not use if you are not in good physical condition or have heart disease or respiratory disease.
・ Be sure to arouse by opening windows and doors, turning ventilation fans, etc. (Ventilation effect is high if you open two or more places.)
・ Wear cooking gloves, mask, and glasses to protect your eyes.
・ Never use while taking a bath.
★ Precautions
for use ・ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・ Be careful where you put it to prevent accidental ingestion by people with dementia.
・ Be careful not to get the liquid in your eyes.
・ Be sure to use it alone. Hazardous gas is generated when mixed with acid type products, vinegar, alcohol, etc.
・ Do not use in large quantities at once or continue for a long time.
・ Foreign-made tiles may discolor, so be sure to try them in an inconspicuous place before using them.
・ If you leave it dripping in the bathtub, it may discolor, so wash it immediately.
・ Be careful as the liquid will decolorize if it gets on your clothes or rug.
・ Avoid direct sunlight and do not place in high temperature.
・ Do not knock down and store.
・ Do not drop to avoid damage.



Hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide (0.5%), surfactant (alkylamine oxide), stabilizer


[Explanation of first aid]
・ If it gets in your eyes, you may lose your eyesight. Rinse immediately with running water for at least 15 minutes without rubbing, and be sure to see an ophthalmologist immediately after any pain or abnormality.
・ If swallowed, rinse immediately without vomiting, drink 1 to 2 glasses of milk or water, and consult a doctor.
・ Should this get on your skin, rinse immediately with water. If any abnormalities remain, consult a dermatologist.
・ Should you feel sick, squeezed or squeezed into your eyes during use, stop using the product, leave the area, wash your eyes, and gargle.
* Bring the product with you when you visit the clinic.


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