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ISHIZAWA LAB Germanium Bath Black (25g) 石澤研究所 有機鍺浴鹽 (死海泥)

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ISHIZAWA LAB Germanium Bath Black (25g) 石澤研究所 有機鍺浴鹽 (死海泥)


Ishizawa Germanium Bath Salt - Black is an one time use bath salt that helps to extract all the unnecessary stuff from your body!! With addition to the original Germanium bath salt, this specific bath salt contains Dead Sea's Mud to further help sweating and tightening your skin! This bath salt is made for those who do not have the time to do Aerobic exercise to extract sweat!! Just soaking into the hot bath, which contains this bath salt, for 20 minutes you will sweat equivalent amount for 2 hour's exercise!! Why is this bath salt so miracle. It is because this bath salt's organic Germanium contains Natural salt and Pepper to help extract lots of sweat for you.

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