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CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Essential Refining Essence (170ml) 肌膚之鑰水磨精華美容液

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CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Essential Refining Essence (170ml) 肌膚之鑰水磨精華美容液


[Product Details]
● Prevents unevenness, roughness, and rough skin that you feel with your fingertips, and brings out smooth and high-quality skin.
● It tightens the skin and makes the pores inconspicuous, and from the moment it is applied, the smooth and matte skin texture without stickiness and stickiness is maintained.
● Moisturizes the skin and leads to supple and evenly radiant skin.
● Every time you use it, it leads to soft and fluffy skin.
● Makeup paste and long-lasting make-up keeps a beautiful skin impression.
● Surface Refining Complex EX formulation (moisturizing) (succinic acid, perilla extract (1), glycylglycine, trimethylglycine, concentrated glycerin) that leads to clear and healthy skin everywhere
● Excessive fine sebum-adsorbing powder It suppresses sebum and leads to a clean skin surface without stickiness or stickiness.
● With a cool and fresh feeling, it prepares the skin cleanly.
● A deep and gorgeous scent with natural roses and rare orchids, which is suitable for a beauty essence that leads to youthful skin.


[How to use]
● Be sure to shake well before using.
● After applying lotion, take an appropriate amount on cotton and put it on. Apply it to the part that you are concerned about the roughness so that it slides smoothly.

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