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KISSME Speedy Mascara Remover (6.6ml)

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Production: ISEHAN
Series: KISSME
Brand Origin: Japan
Specifications: 6.6ml
Function: Remove makeup ability and upgrade quickly remove strong waterproof mascara


[ Description ]
Kiss me's mascara is easy to use, and all aspects of performance are very good, if you want to say the disadvantages, it is more difficult to remove makeup. Therefore, the manufacturer has specially prepared makeup remover. Just apply this little thing to your eyelashes. After a few minutes, you can easily remove the waterproof mascara with cleansing cotton. You can avoid rubbing the eyelids and rubbing the wrinkles around your eyes, and you won't get rid of some of your own eyelashes because you remove the mascara. This is a must-have secret weapon for using waterproof mascara.

[ Features ]
1. Transparent, fragrance-free, pigment-free, preservative-free
2. Suitable for removing all kinds of mascara
3. Gentle texture, no irritation to the eyes
4. After cleaning, it can still maintain a slight shape in a short time!
5. Easily remove the waterproof mascara, no need, no hands, elegant and clean.
6. The long comb part can easily attach the removal liquid to each eyelash, and the short comb part can be applied to the agglomerated eyelashes.
7. Not easy to smudge, can be easily washed, does not irritate the eyes.
8. Add wild rose oil (moisturizing ingredients) and chamomile essence


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