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DHC Color Lip Cream Natural Aroma- Cassis Rose (1,5g) 濃密うるみカラーリップ ナチュラルアロマ カシスロゼ スイートフラワーの香り

DHC Color Lip Cream Natural Aroma- Cassis Rose (1,5g)濃密うるみカラーリップ ナチュラルアロマ カシスロゼ スイートフラワーの香り

  • Ingredients extracted from pure Olive oil, along with Castor oil, sheep placenta and especially Squalene help DHC Color Lip Cream moisturize very much. As a result, the lips are always plump, soft, and completely treat dry, cracked, and darkened lips, especially effective in dry weather conditions or living in a heavily air-conditioned environment.
  • Placenta ingredients not only moisturize but also anti-aging for lips. Visibly reduces the condition of dry lips, reduces lip wrinkles. Young girls using DHC Color Lip Cream regularly can limit lip aging and lip wrinkles
  • Can be substituted for lipstick. The color is natural and adheres well to the lips, long lasting. The degree of color on the lips depends on the skin of each person's lips, but basically, the DHC color lip balm gives the user a very natural, smooth and beautiful color feeling.
  • Although it is a colored lipstick, DHC Color Lip Cream does not dry or darken lips like other normal makeup lipsticks. You can comfortably use it throughout the day or use it many times without fear of damaging your lips

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DHC 濃密うるみカラーリップナチュラルアロマ カシスロゼ スイートフラワーの香り ( 1.5g*3本セット )/ DHC  :515137:爽快ドラッグ - 通販 - Yahoo!ショッピング

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