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KOBAYASHI Charcoal Brightening Toothpaste (90g) 小林製藥 黑炭牙膏

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KOBAYASHI Charcoal Brightening Toothpaste (90g) 小林製藥 黑炭牙膏


Don't you care? Colored stains on your teeth
Have you ever been concerned about the color of your teeth, such as brushing your teeth every day or eating with friends?
The color of the teeth can make a big difference in the person's impression.
The cause of tooth coloring is hidden in everyday life.
Colored stains on teeth include pigments contained in tea, coffee, red wine, etc.
Tobacco tar (tar, nicotine) adheres and accumulates.

Let's get started now. Measures against coloring with whitening sumigaki.

With whitening sumigaki, you can do "whitening care" with daily brushing.

The "charcoal grains" * contained in the toothpaste remove yellowing and colored stains that stick to the teeth.

Tangle it crisply and make it shiny white teeth.

* Charcoal / silica

Charcoal is a natural material with excellent adsorption and deodorizing effects.

The biggest feature of charcoal is that the surface is porous (with many small holes).

Whitening Sumigaki pays attention to the fact that these innumerable small holes have the power to adsorb substances.

A natural material, charcoal, is blended as a cleaning material.

This charcoal gently removes plaque and dirt that cause odors.

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