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KAO LIESE Design Series Creamy Bubble Hair Color (Black hair only) - 9 Colours

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KAO LIESE Design Series Creamy Bubble Hair Color (Black hair only) - 9 Colours

A NEW improved creamy foam hair coloring, gives you a great and long lasting hair color compare to any conventional hair coloring!

 A new ingredient - Honey is added into LIESE’s bubble hair color, finish coloring your hair with extreme moisturized and shiny effect even after dried. Unlike any conventional hair coloring, the improved LIESE hair coloring bubble foam is 4x times better in terms of thick and creamy foam that contains plenty of bubbles enough to cover your hair completely without worrying about drips. Just gently massage the foam into your hair with your fingertips, the foams will cover each strand of hair evenly, even on the roots around the hairline. Gives you a beautiful evenly colored hair and feeling smooth, silky and moisturized from the roots to the tips of your hair!

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Get yourself ready

● To easily remove any foam mixture that gets in contact with skin, apply a thin layer of oil-based skin cream to your hairline, ears, forehead and neckline etc.
● Comb your hair before coloring to remove any tangles
○ Perform a skin allergy test in accordance 48 hours before each use of the product.

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