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RAVIS Smile line Mouth Pack Sheet (10pcs/pack)

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RAVIS Smile line Mouth Pack Sheet (10pcs/pack)

Product Introduction:

"Ravis mouth pack sheet 10 pieces" is, component moisture in the middle night is the mouth-only pack to penetrate deep to the stratum corneum of the mouth. Pressure-sensitive adhesive force of surprise to a sheet of skin-friendly hypoallergenic. Plenty of deep penetration moisturizing oil component until familiar angle layer on the skin. Since the sheet is less likely to peel off lightly, good night of time, do not take care about the time of the housework. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin A · E, CoQ10 formulation.


Product Use:

(1) Please use after trimmed the skin with lotion.

(2) is removed from the bag, peel off the release paper.

(3) Attach the sheet to the mouth.

(4) Please take a rest overnight while stuck.

(5) The next morning peel off slowly, please cleansing.

* If the skin is left is water and oil, such as sweat, there is the case where the pressure-sensitive adhesive may be impaired. Milky lotion and cream, after using the essence, please use at a later time.

* It is more effective and you'll use it to continue every day.

* When the mouth so as to extend the stick from, it is more effective.


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