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SKATER CHIIKAWA Light Dom Two Layer Lunch Box


ちいかわ グッズ スケーター 日本製 抗菌 2段 ふわっと 弁当箱 ランチボックス 子供 男子 女子 ドーム型 食洗機OK PFLW4AG  :pflw4agchikawa-4973307618574:彩り空間 - 通販 - Yahoo!ショッピング

Skater Bento Box Chikawa 600ml Antibacterial Fluffy Dome Lid 2 Tiers For Women Made in Japan A

2 tier lunch box with a dome lid and middle lid that can be filled with rice and side dishes.
Antibacterial specification containing silver ions.

With a high partition, it is characterized by the fact that side dishes are difficult to get to one side.
Seaweed and furikake are less likely to stick to the inner lid.
Slim type that can be held with one hand.

The 4-point locking seal and packing make it difficult for juice to leak.
Since it is a nesting type, it can be stored compactly after eating and is convenient for taking home.

Remove the lid, microwave oven is OK, dishwasher is also OK.

Size: Approx. 169 x 100 x 90mm
Capacity: Approx. 600ml (Upper body/Approx. 230ml, Lower body/Approx. 370ml)

■Production area: Japan
■Materials: Lid/AS resin (Heat resistant temperature/100 degrees)
Main body, inner lid, stopper Tools/Partitions/Polypropylene (Heat resistant temperature/140 degrees)
Packing/Silicone rubber (Heat resistant temperature/140 degrees)

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